A toy that supports your children as they grow & develop. Our Wooden Number Blocks are a hands on activity that encourages creativity, logic, concentration and learning. Also an attractive toy or feature to style in your nursery/kids room.
For infants
Our Wooden Number Blocks are perfect for little hands to practise their grasping, gripping & stacking skills. The blocks are lightweight with smooth and rounded corners that offer various colours, textures, patterns and images for your children to explore and compare.
For toddlers
Our Wooden Number Blocks are ideal for childern who are learning and developing their numbers skills. Offering various ways to learn numbers and counting, the blocks display numbers 0-9 in 4 formats - numerical, written, graphics, ASL or sign language. Your children  will learn, as they play with these blocks.
The Wooden Number Blocks are made of three natural timbers - Maple, Beech & Walnut
They are 4cms x 4cms and very lightweight, weighing approx. only 45gms each.
*Babies and infants should be supervised at all times when playing with toys.

The Wooden Number Blocks