Keep your tops, bottoms, onesies, rompers, jackets, shirts and dresses in order and separated with The Wardrobe Dividers, an essential addition to any organised wardrobe.  


Featuring super cute baby Australian animals, The Wardrobe Dividers are uniquely  designed and produced by our inhouse Bebe Robe team. They are printed on 450GSM matt laminated card stock, which means they are extremely durable and almost impossible to rip - ideal for everyday use.


The Wardrobe Dividers are customisable by providing  space for you to label and personalise your dividers based on your wardrobe and clothing needs. You may choose to organise by clothing size, clothing type or even by season. The decision is up to you! Simply grab a permanent market or pen and label The Wardrobe Dividers. You can organise your wardrobe's hanging space  as you wish! 


The Wardrobe Dividers

  • come complete with 6 super cute and fully customisable cards
  • are DL in size (210mm x 99mm), with a 2 inch hole
  • are printed on 450GSM matt laminate cardstock


The Wardrobe Dividers

  • At Bebe Robe we are strongly committed to giving back to the community. An extremely important cause that is very close to our heart is the work that Bears of Hope do with helping to provide Cuddle Cots to bereaved families. Bebe Robe donates 5% of all sales towards the purchase of a Cuddle Cot to be placed at a Hospital in need of one.  For more info on donation efforts please visit our Charity Committment page.