Part of our SLEEPY KOALA Collection, this adorable wall hanging will complete any Nursery or Children's Room.  Sleepy Koala is exhausted after munching away on Eucalyptus leaves all day and is now having a  little rest in his halo.


Made from a gold metal hoop, artificial Eucalyptus leaves, a handmade felt Sleepy Koala and a leather hanging strap.  It is so easy to hanging in your nursery, as it is supplied with a removable 3M Velcro  strip. 


Why not purchase a pair or triplet set Sleepy Koala Haloes and create an adorable feature in your Nursery or Children's room.


Dimensions -  
25cm Gold Metal Hoop


The Sleepy Koala Halos are handmade by Bebe Robe and the felt Koalas are supplied and handmade by the very talented Plushka Design Studio. 


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The Sleepy Koala Halo