The Large Scented Bags are the perfect way to keep your wardobe or drawers smelling sublime all year, while also absorbing excess moisture. No need for those musty or stale smells that come with winter, or an area that is closed up all day. The Scented Bag will keep your clothing storage spaces and rooms smelling fresh and clean all year round. 


The Large Scented Bag  uniquely includes a moisture absorber to draw moisture from your wardrobe and clothes*. It's another essential accessory for a clean and fresh wardrobe or drawer unit. 


Handmade by the team at Bebe Robe, The Large Scented Bags are made with a high quality and freshly scented potpourri of organic rose petals and buds. Because no one likes a dry potpourri that only lasts a few days, The Large Scented Bags guarantees long lasting scent for your enjoyment. 


This item includes one Large Scented Bag, simply choose your preferred colour and scent. 

(NB. The timber charms on the Large Scented bags will vary depending on availability. They may not alway be as shown in the photos)


The Large Scented Bags comes in a Hessian Bag & Ivory Ribbon in a lovely Fresh Linen & Cotton Blossom scent. 




Also available for separate purchase: The Clip Hanger, is the perfect way to easily hang The Large Scented Bag on The Bebe Robe, or any other hanging space in your wardrobe. 


* The Scented Bag (Large) includes a 50g Silica Sachet, that will absorb its weight in moisture. 100% food grade and child safe, this added benefit in The Large Scented Bag makes it a necessity for any wardrobe or closed space. 

The Large Scented Bag with Moisture Absorber (1 piece)

  • At Bebe Robe we are strongly committed to giving back to the community. An extremely important cause that is very close to our heart is the work that Bears of Hope do with helping to provide Cuddle Cots to bereaved families. Bebe Robe donates 5% of all sales towards the purchase of a Cuddle Cot to be placed at a Hospital in need of one..  For more info on donation efforts please visit our Charity Committment page.