This gorgeous little combo will be every mum & bub’s best friend. It’s such a lovely item that offers much fun but practicality for those first few months with bub.


So versatile, it has so many uses, the wooden Koala toy is perfect for those tiny baby hands to learn and explore their gripping skills. It’s also the perfect teething buddy - bub can happily suck and chomp away on their little friend to help with any nasty teething pain.


The adjoining muslin cloth is ideal for mum to have close by at all times. For bub to just hold onto and snuggle off to sleep or to help mop up all of those milk dribbles.


An ideal companion for all, our Koala Teether & Cloth is the perfect gift for a new expectant mum.


Koala Teether is made of natural Beech Timber Cloth is made from cotton Muslin.


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** Babies & infants should be supervised at all times with this toy. The Muslim cloth includes a sewn in button, which could pose as a chocking hazard if it comes loose.

The Koala Teether & Muslin Cloth