This is just the sweetest little Flower Stacking Puzzle. It is ideal for little hands and is also adorable as a cute styling accessory too.


This adorable little wooden puzzle is an ideal way to introduce your baby to the concept of stacking. It is made for your baby to practice their grasping, holding and  stacking skills, while also introducing size recognition and hand eye co-ordination. Sit with bub to assist them in removing all the little flower pieces only to then stack them up again in any order bub wishes! Each piece has the same flower shape but is a different size, making it a fun and somewhat challenging game for bub. 


When not in use,  you could use this gorgeous Flower Stacking Puzzle as a simple styling accessory in your nursery. You could place it one of our Hanging Shelves to create an adorable feature on your nursery wall.


This puzzle is  made from natural wood and is very lightweight.  The pieces are prefect size for little hands, it is non toxic and has a smooth burr-free finish.  The stacking puzzle is approx 9cm across x 11cm high and the pieces range from 3.5cms - 9cms in size. 


They are 100% baby safe for babies or suck & chew on.

*Babies and infants should be supervised at all times when playing with toys, due to small parts.

The Flower Stacking Puzzle