Any organised and stylish wardrobe needs equally stylish clothes hangers to compliment it. The Clothes Hangers are the perfect way to display your children's clothing, neatly and proudly on The Bebe Robe or on your exisiting wardobe rail.


Our children's clothes hangers are ultra light, with each being made of a single piece of moulded aluminium and sold in packs of 10. They suit baby clothes all they way up to kids. (Australian sizing 000 up to kids size 7).


The Clothes Hangers are available in 3 colours:


Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. 


Hangers come in sets of 10 hangers.


Each hanger measures 30cm x 19cm x 0.9cm each

The Clothes Hangers (10 pieces)

  • At Bebe Robe we are strongly committed to giving back to the community. An extremely important cause that is very close to our heart is the work that Bears of Hope do with helping to provide Cuddle Cots to bereaved families. Bebe Robe donates 5% of all sales towards the purchase of a Cuddle Cot to be placed at a Hospital in need of one.  For more info on donation efforts please visit our Charity Committment page.