SECONDS SALE!!!!! The Felt Baskets are made from a thick felt in a cream colour, with natural colour faux leather straps that secure practical but stylish wooden handles. There was some confusion with the most recent order for my Felt Baskets. The producers have made them slightly differently to our normal baskets. They are gorgeous baskets but I want to sell them as a different item to our normal basket, there is one difference … - the stitching is on the inside, rather than the outside. Meaning the baskets are stitched and then turned inside out, giving them rounded/softer corners rather than the straight lines & corners of our original baskets.

Because these baskets are still great baskets, I’ll selling them but at a very reduced price -

Large 40cms x 24cms x 24cms - $12.95 (normally $22.95)


SOLD OUT Small 30cms x 18cms x 18cms - $7.95 (normally $17.95)



PLEASE BE AWARE THESE ITEMS ARE WHAT I CONSIDER SECONDS - they have slight imperfections based on our normal baskets. Please see our other listing for Felt Baskets, if you are not after a SECONDS product.

*postage & handling is still payable on top of these prices

*some baskets may have a few small marks on them but nothing too significant

*no returns, refunds, exchanges on these SECONDS baskets

SECONDS SALE!!!!! The Felt Basket (2 sizes available)

  • At Bebe Robe we are strongly committed to giving back to the community. An extremely important cause that is very close to our heart is the work that Bears of Hope do with helping to provide Cuddle Cots to bereaved families. Bebe Robe donates 5% of all sales towards the purchase of a Cuddle Cot to be placed at a Hospital in need of one.  For more info on donation efforts please visit our Charity Committment page.